Hire Walk-Behind Scrubber Driers

Hire walk behind scrubber driers built tough for industrial & commercial applications, cleaning, polishing & renovating a large range of hard floors.


Tomcat’s Magnum walk behind scrubber driers are renowned for their robust
build quality & impressive cleaning ability, the Magnum is simple to use
with easy to understand controls.

Our machines are fitted with the largest batteries available, giving up to
5 hours run time on single charge, this combined with the 84cm scrub
width gives a maximum cleaning capacity of over 10,000 sq/ft per hour.

Available with a choice of brushes, drive boards for floor pads or even
diamond tooling for polishing concrete & a choice of 240v or 110v
charger depending on the application.

Ideal for large area floor cleaning & scrubbing in warehouse, factories, manufacturing, hangars, sports halls, public buildings, car parks. The Magnum can be fitted with brushes, pad drivers or diamond tooling for professional quality cleaning & polishing various kinds of hard floors including TERRAZZO, CONCRETE, MARBLE, NATURAL STONE, CONCRETE, PAINTED, EPOXY RESIN, VINYL

Magnum Diamond Polishing - VIDEO

The Magnums powerful brush motors & twin speed option combined with heavy brush pressure make it the machine of choice for natural stone polishing. Terrazzo, Marble & concrete can be polished with the Magnum scrubber polisher & diamond tooling.


Cleaning Hangar Floor - VIDEO

A TomCat pedestrian scrubber dryer cleaning an epoxy painted floor in a aircraft hanger

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