Hire Walk-Behind Scrubber Driers

Hire walk behind scrubber driers built tough for industrial & commercial applications, cleaning, polishing & renovating a large range of hard floors. We carefully select the best equipment available in the industry, TomCat cleaning equipment is manufactured in the US for industrial applications.  


Tomcat’s Magnum walk behind scrubber driers are renowned for their
build quality & impressive cleaning ability, the Magnum is simple
to use
with easy to understand controls.

Our floor cleaning machines are fitted with the largest batteries
available, giving up to
5 hours run time on single charge, this
combined with the 84cm scrub
width gives a maximum cleaning
capacity of over 10,000 sq/ft per hour.

Available with a choice of brushes, drive boards for floor pads or
even diamond tooling for polishing concrete & a choice of 240v
or 110v charger depending on the application.

Ideal for large area floor cleaning & scrubbing in warehouse, factories, manufacturing, hangars, sports halls, public buildings, car parks. The Magnum can be fitted with brushes, pad drivers or diamond tooling for professional quality cleaning & polishing various kinds of hard floors including TERRAZZO, CONCRETE, MARBLE, NATURAL STONE, CONCRETE, PAINTED, EPOXY RESIN, VINYL

Magnum Diamond Polishing - VIDEO

The Magnums powerful brush motors & twin speed option combined with heavy brush pressure make it the machine of choice for natural stone polishing. Terrazzo, Marble & concrete can be polished with the Magnum scrubber polisher & diamond tooling.


Cleaning Hangar Floor - VIDEO

A TomCat pedestrian scrubber dryer cleaning an epoxy painted floor in a aircraft hanger

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