TomCat have developed three different scrub head styles, each has a range of tooling specifically designed for specific floor cleaning tasks. Our demonstration team can advise the best configuration for your requirements, giving the best solution for your needs, a more tailored approach to hard floor cleaning.


The industry standard, disc scrubber dryers come with a large range of tooling for different floor types.
A large range of Brushes, Floor Pads, Diamond Pads & Diamond Tooling.


Scrubs and sweeps in a single pass, eliminating the need to pre-sweep reducing labour costs, ideal for profiled or rough floors, factories, warehouses & food production sites.


Floor cleaning & preparation machine that cleans right to the edge, greatly reduced water & chemical usage compared with other systems. Ideal for deep cleaning & floor preparation tasks, EDGE machines can strip floor seal without harmful chemicals.

Cylinder Scrub Deck

Scrubs, sweeps & dries in a single pass

Ideal for:

  • Rough or profiled floors
  • Non slip painted floors
  • Areas with small amounts of debris
  • Areas with dust
  • Warehouses & Distribution
  • Factories – Engineering & Food
Disc Scrub Deck

Scrubs & Dries in a single pass

Ideal for:

  • Natural stone, concrete, terrazzo
  • Smooth painted & epoxy floors
  • Diamond polishing concrete & terrazzo
  • Warehouses & distribution
  • Airports & hangars
  • Schools & colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Public buildings


Oscillating Scrub Deck

Chemical free cleaning, renovation & preparation

Ideal for:

  • Maintaining, stripping & sealing vinyl floors
  • Renovating & maintaining epoxy flooring
  • Renovating & maintaining terrazzo & marble
  • Deep cleaning profiled & non slip vinyl
  • Schools & colleges
  • Airports & train stations
  • Public buildings
  • Health sector cleaning
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