floor cleaning equipment

Why hire floor cleaning equipment occasionally ?

Catastrophe: Water & Chemical

Floor cleaning equipment can be hired on a short term basis for various reasons the user may have a one of requirement for a catastrophe such as a fire, flood, chemical or dust spillage. For liquids it may be advisable to use a either a walk-behind scrubber drier or ride-on scrubber drier, depending on the size of the area to be cleaned. Scrubber driers have brushes in the front to agitate the floor and a squeegee at the back which has a powerful suction to remove the water in to a holding tank, that can be emptied where required.
You can use a floor scrubber drier to clean the floor or just to suck up the excess water if required, care must be taken when emptying the liquids collected  & they should be emptied according to your local authorities regulations.

Catastrophe: Dust & Debris

If your spillage is dust or small debris then a walk-behind sweeper or ride-on sweeper may be the solution, again depending on the sixe of the area & the amount of debris. Battery powered floor sweepers have a rotating broom that sweeps larger dust & debris into a hopper, smaller dust particle are drawn into the machine with a powerful vacuum which sucks through a cloth filter. It may still be necessary to use a scrubber drier after the floor has been swept to remove the remnants of the dust.

Catastrophe: Fire

Fire & smoke damage inside building can leave carbon deposits on ceilings, walls & floors, the clean up operations usually involve washing down surfaces with cleaning chemicals, the residue ending up on the floors. Scrubber driers are ideal for the last part of the clean up, washing the floors & removing the fluids, leaving the hard flooring clean & dry.

Special Occasions 

Looking to hire floor cleaning equipment to clean & shine your floors for that special visit or open day, then a one of hire could be the answer. A professional combined scrubber drier can clean your floors to a high level, then enhance the shine if required with a battery powered floor polisher or burnisher. For concrete polishing of epoxy floor renovation a diamond polisher may be used with a range diamond tooling available to fit. The enhanced brush speed and pressure enable the operator to remove scratches on epoxy floors or shine natural stone or concrete.  


Cleaning up for a company audit can be a problem even if you have existing floor care machinery, industrial grade scrubber driers give a deeper clean & may be required on occasion to bring the floor surface back to the required level of clean. Timescale can also be a problem, if your window of opportunity is to small for your cleaning equipment.

Builders Cleans

Newly built industrial units will need cleaning before they can be signed off, the floors are usually covered with dust & debris. Large areas can be swept with a floor sweeper in a much faster time than manual sweeping with either a pedestrian sweeper or rider sweeper depending on the size of area, the dust control system prevent the dust rising into the atmosphere.

Large areas of concrete floors in new build warehouses will have their appearance enhanced by cleaning with a pedestrian scrubber drier or rider scrubber drier depending on the floor size and preferences. Diamond pads may be used to enhance the shine & in some circumstances a battery burnisher will give a deeper shine.         

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