Food & Beverage Industry Cleaning

Factories that deal the distribution, packaging & processing of foods & beverage require a high level of cleaning & sanitising. Floor scrubber dryers working in these unique environments are required to remove & contain soiling to a high standard, work for long hours & be easy to clean & maintain.

In response to the global Coronavirus pandemic, Tomcat scrubber dryers now available with a range of sanitising options.


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Floor Cleaning in Food Production Areas

See a TomCat ride-on scrubber dryer cleaning food production areas in this short video

Easy Clean Tanks

Our TomCat range equipment has easy access, easy clean recovery tanks which can be simply sanitised by the operator at the end of the shift, eliminating & nasty odours that are sometimes associated with floor scrubbing machines.

New May 2020

The sanitation range of walk-behind come with anti-microbial tanks as standard, these eliminate the growth of harmful bacteria on the tank itself


Spray System

In resonse to the Coronavirus pandemic TomCat have developed a separate disinfectant/sanitiser spray tank with spray system.

Ideal for sanitising hard surfaces & touch areas in washrooms, airports, railway stations & public buildings.

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