Train Depot Floor Cleaning with a FactoryCat Magnum Scrubber Dryer

Train depot floor cleaning with a FactoryCat Magnum- HD at a demonstration yesterday; A competitor had just been in with a machine which was not at all suited to this tough floor cleaning task, unable to remove the dirt that was ingrained into the concrete floor, Its surprising how often we hear from our customers that sales people do not fully listen to their needs and try and sell the wrong machine for the application .

FactoryCats Mag-HD provides:
Dust suppression with water at point of contact, removing dust and ground in oil and grease, helping to reduce associated risks, cleaning back to the floor surface, resulting in a cleaner safer floor, with better adhesion provided for both pedestrians and fork lift trucks.  Spillages and water can be quickly and efficiently removed the entrances where rain, dust and grime is trafficked in,

Cylindrical type brushes will be fitted to provide a simultaneous scrub and sweep of smaller debris items, increasing productivity by reducing the need to pre sweep.  A large water capacity, combined with the  XL battery pack gives the operator the productivity & speed of clean for the larger areas.

The industrial performance and simplicity of use make the Magnum-HD a favourite with the operator, giving the results required when it comes to train depot floor cleaning.  The unrivaled performance of the MAG-HD provides a simple but effective floor cleaning solution in a simple and robust package, FactoryCat floor cleaning machines are designed to live and last in industrial environments.

Factory Cat Scrubbers, Scrubber Sweepers & Sweepers are available to lease, contract hire or outright purchase from our network of dedicated dealers, providing a professional service back up across the U.K

Watch the video of the FactoryCat Magnum and see the results, book a demonstration today and see the difference on your floor.

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