Keeping the floors free from slippery oil and harmful swarf can be a challenging task in the manufacturing environment, floors can become unsafe and difficult to manage. Flooring surfaces can be damaged irreparably with a build up of cutting oils and swarf.

Cylindrical brushed scrubber driers can sweep and scrub the floors in the same operation, with a powerful suction motor picking up the soiled water, leaving the floor clean safe and dry.

Clean dry surfaces can be achieved much faster with a cylindrical brush system, by reducing the need to pre sweep the operator can
simply fill with water and go. These scrubbers are battery powered, no dragging cables to hinder the cleaning process.

The cylindrical brush deck has 2 tubular 6″ diameter brushes which are powered by industrial DC motors. The cleaning solution is
dropped along the front of the deck, the brushes then collect the solution, scrub the floor and larger debris such as swarf is collected in a tray at the rear. The water passes through and is collected via the squeegee at the rear or the machine, the dirty water is vacuumed into a separate tank on the floor scrubber drier.

Cylindrical brushed battery powered scrubber dryers are built by TomCat and are available to hire or purchase in either ride-on or walk-behind versions.

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