The Tomcat VR all steel ride-on floor sweeper range is manufactured for dust free floor sweeping in commercial and industrial applications. The dust is captured by the bag house filter system, while the full floating main broom & self adjusting side broom system packs the dirt and debris into an easy to empty, slide out hopper.

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Ride-on Sweepers

The Tomcat VR ride on floor sweeper range is manufactured for commercial and industrial floor-sweeping. Our model has a fully floating, self-adjusting side broom system which packs the dirt and debris into an easy to empty hopper allowing the dirt to be collected with no hassle at all. This means you can cover large amounts of space without having to worry about how to empty the hopper once it is full.

Compact industrial floor sweeper
Fast factory floor sweeping with a battery powered ride-on floor sweeper
Industrial floor sweeping with a compact TR

Any lighter dust is collected with a powerful vacuum system and an easy to clean cloth filter ensures that no dirt or dust is left by your ride on sweepers. The range is also installed with an electrical filter shaker which allows the operator to keep it clean, allowing for dust free sweeping for up to 6 hours on a single charge.

This rugged VR ride on industrial floor sweeper delivers unrivalled performance and is designed and built with a solid steel chassis that is ideal for industrial applications. These include:

  • Foundry’s Paper Mills Sawmills Mines Concrete manufacture Bulk powder plants


TR Floor Sweeper - VIDEO

Large area sweeping with the TR ride-on floor battery powered floor sweeper is simple fast and effective.

Model TR Sweeper - VIDEO

This video shows the powerful TR sweeping in a very dusty factory environment, the large main broom sweeps the larger dust and debris into the hopper, while the dust is controlled with our unique bag house filter.

ride on floor sweepers

Other handy features this sweeper has are:
High power motors to ensure for efficient travel along floors
A large battery pack so you can cover a large surface area in one charge
A large capacity one-micron polymer felt filter, allowing for great dust control
Do you need a Tomcat VR Model for an event? No problem, at Scrubber Drier Hire we can offer ride on sweeping machines for as little as one day. However, if you require a sweeper on a more permanent basis then we can hire one out to you up to a period of up to five years. On top of this, we provide fully inclusive maintenance to ensure that your sweeper is kept in the best possible condition for the duration of its time with you.
To ensure optimum safety when operating the sweeper, the VR Model comes with a high back seat with twin armrests. This provides additional comfort whilst sweeping as well as keeping you secure in the vehicle. It also includes a flashing beacon to let anyone close to you know that you are sweeping nearby.
Are you interested in hiring a ride on floor sweeper for your premises? Feel free to get in touch with our experienced team of professionals for more information. Reach out via telephone on 02380 617129 or feel free to email us at info@elansalesltd.co.uk and we’ll be more than happy to talk to you about your requirements. Alternatively, use the form below to contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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