Hire Ride On Floor Scrubber Driers

Ride on floor scrubber driers,  built for heavy duty cleaning in harsh environments, available for hire for up to 5 Years

Concrete floor cleaning with a ride-on scrubber drier
Warehouse floor cleaning with a TomCat GTX
Cleaning a vinyl floor with a TomCat scrubber drier
Refurbishing a painted floor with a ride-on scrubber drier using diamond pads


Tomcat’s GTX Ride on scrubber floor scrubber driers are known for robust, durable build quality & powerful cleaning ability, the GTX has simple controls for ease of use with class leading cleaning ability in the harshest environments.

Our models come with the largest battery packs available, giving up to 5 hours run time on single charge, with a 84cm scrub path the GTX can give a maximum cleaning capacity of up to 37,000 sq/ft per hour.

Available with a choice of brushes, drive boards for floor pads or even diamond tooling for polishing concrete & a choice of 240v or 110v
charger depending on the application.

Ride on floor scrubber driers for long or short term hire,ideal for large area floor cleaning & scrubbing in warehouse, factories, manufacturing, hangars, sports halls, public buildings, car parks. The GTX can be fitted with brushes, pad drivers or diamond tooling for professional quality cleaning & polishing various kinds of hard floors including TERRAZZO, CONCRETE, MARBLE, NATURAL STONE, CONCRETE, PAINTED, EPOXY RESIN, VINYL

GTX Cleaning Warehouse Floor - VIDEO

This video shows the cleaning power of the GTX on a concrete floor in a busy warehouse, the floor is engrained with dirt & fork truck tyre marks which has built up over the years. TomCat UK WEB SITE
The TomCat scrubber dryer can be seen easily removing the stains & leaving the floor totally dry.




Refurbishing Epoxy Resin Floor - VIDEO

The TomCat GTX  has the power to refurbish this scratched epoxy coated floor, using diamond tooling to first remove the scratches & the polish the surface back to a high shine.


GTX Cleaning Dusty Concrete Floor - VIDEO

This large new built warehouse needed the dust removed from the floor, the GTX is releasing the water through the powerful brushes and recovering it & the layer of dust from the suction squeegee at the rear.
The concrete looks like new & can now be painted or sealed to the customers requirements.

GTX Cleaning Oily Garage Floor - VIDEO
Painted Garage Floor Cleaning - VIDEO

Class leading brush pressure enables the operator to maintain this painted floor to the highest standards



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