Elan-San 25 & 30 Eco

The Elan-San 25 & 30 Eco trolley are designed to apply sanitising or disinfectant solutions to water washable surfaces in commercial and industrial properties. Battery powered self contained units for ease of use & mobility

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Autonomous System for Spraying Chemicals

The trolley incorporates

  •  25ltr Container
  •  12v Battery
  •  Pump
  •  Pressure Controller
  •  10 Meter Hose with quick connect fittings
  •  2 Meter Hose with quick connect  Fittings
  •  Spray Lance
  •  Battery Charger ( not on board )

The sturdy trolley holds a standard 25ltr container, pump, hose & spray lance, ideal to transport & dispense solution around facilities safely without trailing leads or hoses.

Where & Why

Getting the best results when sanitising hard surfaces depends on the dwell time, simply spraying a& wiping is not as effective as leaving the sanitising solution to do its job. Most chemical manufacturers will give a “dwell time” in the products specification to achieve the maximum effect. The Elan-San 25 & 30 Eco are designed to leave surfaces wet, so the chemical can do its job, spraying water washable surfaces & leaving them to dry naturally if possible.

Ideal for

  • Touch Points
  • Plant
  • Bin Rooms
  • Outside Areas
  • Benches
  • Washrooms
  • Floors
  • Changing Rooms

Not suitable for use where electricity is present.

PPE may be required when using this equipment depending on the chemical.
Please check with the chemical manufacturer before using through this equipment.

Manufactured in the U.K


Elan-San 30 Eco

Autonomous System for Spraying Chemicals

The trolley incorporates

  • 2 x 18v Lithium Ion Battery
  • Pump 2 stage,  7 bar & 4.5 bar
  • 6 Meter Hose
  • Spray Lance

Comes with 2 Lithium Ion Batteries which each give a 2 hour run
time from a 1.5 hour charging time.


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