Clean & Sanitise Floors

It is not known exactly how long coronavirus can live on hard surfaces the figure could be hours or at worst days. The disease spreads through respiratory droplets when a person coughs or sneezes, gravity ensures many of which will end up on the floor. C.D.C report that researchers in China have found at least half of the samples taken from the shoes of ICU hospital staff tested positive for coronavirus, as did samples taken from the floor.

Simply cleaning a floor may not be good enough to stop the spread of viruses, that is why we have developed processes to help with disinfecting & sanitising in the work place.

Source: CDC Report Emerging Infectious Deseases

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Why we need to clean & sanitise floors 

This simple video shows how bacteria & viruses could be transmitted in the workplace through contact with hard floors.

TomCat have developed a new range of systems that are available on their floor scrubber dryers which can help in the fight.

If you would like more information on these products on this or any other floor cleaning problem please get in contact.

Looking after your facility with a TomCat Scrubber Dryer

See the NEW sanitizing & disinfection options enhance the effectiveness & productivity in the fight t against viruses.

The video shows the systems & applications on both the ride-on & walk-behind scrubber dryers.

Available on

Pedestrian Scrubbers: Sport – Carbon – Hero

Ride-on Scrubbers: PRO – CRZ – EX

Available on Ride-on Models

Three separate systems available as separate or combined options on ride-on models

• Spray Wand w/ 3 Tips – Plumbed to Solution Tank for Disinfectant use
• Rear Spray Bar – Plumbed to Solution Tank for Disinfectant use
• ZerO3 Aqueous Ozone System – Supplying scrub deck only

On this video you can see the Elan spray bar system in action




Available on Walk-Behind Models

Sport – Carbon – Hero


  • Antimicrobial Tank
  • On-board Zero3 Aqueous Ozone System
  • Separate Disinfectant Tank with Spray Gun


Ordinary tap water in the antimicrobial solution tank is transformed into aqueous ozone, which like chlorine is a powerful oxidizer; this supplies the scrub deck for chemical free floor cleaning. The separate 3-gallon tank & pump installed on the front is dedicated to approved disinfectants, which can be applied to surfaces with the 100-psi handheld spray gun.

Elan-San 25

The Elan-San 25 trolley is designed to apply sanitising or disinfectant solutions to water washable surfaces in commercial and industrial properties.

Battery powered self contained unit for ease of use & mobility.

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