Brand new to the Elan fleet is the Eureka EC52 escalator & travelator cleaner. Cleaning escalators and travelators can be an elaborate process, and so is often neglected.

With the EC52, that’s a problem of the past, and here, we’ll delve deeper into its specifications and what make it the best machine of its kind.

Just can’t stop walking all over them

Whether it’s in a shopping centre, train station or airport, escalators and travelators will see thousands of pairs of feet every day, bringing all sorts of dirt and debris with them.

Cleaning them can often be a very involved process, with them usually needing to be cordoned off or shut down, which can lead to congestion if not done at night.

Not any more.

Introducing: The EC52 Escalator and Travelator Cleaner

From Eureka, the EC52 makes cleaning any make or model of escalator or travelator with a width of 51cm or above simple, quick and easy.

With both a wet and dry cycle, the EC52 can restore an escalator or travelator to its former glory in less than an hour.

Starting with the dry cycle, any stones, sand or any other debris will be removed from the grooves, between the steps and from the side of the balustrade.

The wet cycle then cleans any stains or engrained dirt through a combination of the detergent solution and the unique PPL brushes that provide a deep clean without scratching any paint or coatings.

Like No Other

A unique machine when compared to others of its class, the EC52 includes innovative features, such as:

  • Autonomous operation – Once in position, the EC52 works by itself, allowing the operator to carry out other tasks.
  • Large capacity tanks – The solution and recovery tanks are larger than other cleaning machines, meaning you’ll save time on emptying and filling.
  • Instant drying – Once the wet cycle has finished, a stainless-steel chamber not only protects the machines components, but creates a vacuum seal that picks up all residual water and debris.
  • Edge2Edge Technology – Eureka’s patented Edge2Edge technology means the EC52 cleans escalators and travelators from side to side, no matter how wide.
  • Compact & Light – With large wheels and retractable lifting handles, the EC52 is easily transportable.
  • Complete Accessory Kit – Including a spray gun, a riser cleaning tool and much more, the accessory kit will have you prepared for any obstacle.

The EC52 is the perfect solution for any building with a travelators or escalators. You can find out more about this excellent machine here To find out how you can hire, purchase or lease the EC52, contact us today on 0800 313 4336, or email us at, where you can also book a free, no obligation site survey or demonstration.

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