Reduce your impact on the environment & improve your cleaning processes with a carefully select professional quality eco friendly cleaning machine from Elan.

We have selected cleaning machinery & systems that will help reduce your carbon footprint.

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A complete range of innovative all electrically heated pressure washers in mobile & static versions.

Eliminate the use of diesel fuel in your cleaning process  with a ZERO EMISSIONS hot water pressure pressure washer, that will not compromise on performance.  

Eureka ECOsystem®

With the ECOsystem® after the initial fill of water/cleaning solution is exhausted the solution in the recovery tank is filtered and regenerated, which allows the same water/chemical solution to be reused up to five times for continuous floor scrubbing.

Available on a complete range of walk-behind & ride-on scrubber dryers.

Water Saving Potential

  • Walk-behind models up to 109,500 ltrs a year
  • Ride-on Models up to 160,600 ltrs a year

Edge Floor Pads

Our commitment to sustainability is exemplified through the Green Seal Certification of several of our nonwoven products, demonstrating our dedication to producing items that meet rigorous environmental standards. The certified products have undergone a thorough evaluation, ensuring they meet the highest environmental performance criteria set by Green Seal.


EDGE-Range Red Buff
EDGE-Range Blue Cleaner
EDGE-Range Green Scrub
EDGE-Range Black Strip
EDGE-Range White Polish
EDGE-Range Dominator Extra Heavy Duty Strip

Edge Pads Green Seal

TomCat Zero3

Clean & sanitize without harmful chemicals.

Just fill your TomCat Scrubber Dryer with water straight from the tap & let the unique on-board Zero 3 aqueous ozone generator do the rest.


Chemical Free Floor Stripping

Removes layers of floor polishes & seals with out chemicals, the combination of the oscillating scrub deck, head weight & our special Eco Prep stripping pads will remove multiple layers in a single pass. Edge machines reach into corners & along edges so no need for scrubbing by hand.

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