Brand : TomCat

Model : Magnum 34D  

Powerful Walk-Behind Scrubber Drier for Hire

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TYPE : Walk-Behind

DECK : Twin Disc

SIZE: Large 


Large highly productive industrial grade scrubber dryer with adjustable electronic brush pressure in 5 settings for cleaning in the harshest of environments. The Magnum is a favourite with operators for its simplicity of use & outstanding results, whether floor cleaning or polishing.

Diamond Polishing  

The Magnum has powerful 1hp brush motors which are available in twin speed on the SNAP model, this enables the operator to switch from 200rpm to 340rpm which is ideal for diamond polishing stone floors.

Simple to use, ideal for:

  • Cleaning & Polishing Marble Floors
  • Cleaning & Diamond Polishing Terrazzo Floors
  • Cleaning & Removing Scratches Epoxy Floors
  • Cleaning Concrete Floors
  • Cleaning Painted Floors
  • Cleaning Factory Floors
  • Cleaning Warehouse Floors
  • Cleaning Car Parks 


Power 24v Battery
Scrub Deck Twin Disc 2 x 43cm
Scrub Width 860cm
Max Run Time 4 – 5 Hours
Maximum Productivity 3,150 sq/m per hour
Solution Tank 114ltrs
Recovery Tank 114ltrs
Weight 400kg

Magnum 34 Disc

Please call 0800 313 4336 to speak with a member of the hire team or fill out the contact form to receive an email quotation for the hire of a Magnum 34D Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer.

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