Hiring cleaning equipment enables us to follow long-term trends in the industry and compare the effectiveness of different hygiene strategies. Over the past decade, more and more of our customers have recognised the importance of extending their cleaning regimes outside the office. After all, what’s the point of hoovering your reception carpet every day if the doormat outside is moss-covered and the cigarette bin is overflowing?

If you’re responsible for the tarmac and stonework that lead visitors up to your place of work, you’ll want to decide on an appropriate cleaning regime. Until quite recently, that meant a simple choice between a yard-brush and a pressure washer.

Yard-brushes are old-school, effective but hard work, requiring fortnightly or monthly application for optimum results. Pressure washers are easier to operate but messy and disruptive, needing liberal application of the hosepipe to sluice away all the mud and moss which they displace — not to mention good protective gear! Most companies opting for pressure washing have made it into an annual event, best scheduled for a Friday afternoon in midsummer… and with results that are patchy at best.

Over the last few years, the advent of Tomcat CRZ scrubber/dryers has changed the game of external cleaning. The Tomcats are neat ride-on units, about the size of lawnmowers. Beneath the short, manoeuvrable chassis are directed water sprays with stiff scrubber heads and edge brooms, plus neat vacuum arrangements to suck up all the debris and most of the cleaning water at the point of application. The result is deep, effective cleaning with minimum disruption. You can see the advantages of the system in this video (note the unconcerned passer-by walking straight past the machine at 0:11!)

Click to watch the video.

Tomcat have been in the cleaning game for many years and have innovated constantly throughout the time we’ve been dealing with them. Their latest dodge is to provide the Tomcats with onboard ozone generators in place of the detergent feeds you might have expected.

Did I hear you ask: Why ozone? Well, ozone is an effective cleaner for stonework that has the advantages of biodegrading almost immediately and not killing greenery. As a result, you can use a Tomcat to clean right up to the edge of a lawn. Try doing that with a pressure washer!

For more information about the Tomcat CRZ or to arrange a free demonstration, get in touch today by calling our team on 0800 313 4336 or email info@elansalesltd.co.uk.

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