Floor Cleaning Chemical Free in Warehousing & Distribution

Floor Cleaning Chemical Free : On this project we were looking to solve a few historical maintenance issues, increase productivity & reduce or eliminate chemical usage while improving the results for the client, a tough task but we gave it our best.

The Environment 

A large area of power floated concrete floor with forklift tyre marks and small amounts of dust and debris.

Existing Method – Ride-on Disc Scrubber Dryer

The current model of scrubber dryer was not capable of pre sweeping with insufficient cleaning power to remove the FLT tyre marks even when using a heavy duty alkaline detergent. The existing machine is often blocked with debris, causing operator downtime & maintenance issues.

The Solution – Ride-on Scrubber Sweeper with Aqueous Ozone
A scrubber sweeper with side brooms & cylinder brushes for pre sweeping the debris, combined with 250lbs of brush pressure and the TomCat Zero3 on board aqueous ozone generator to reduce or eliminate the need for harmful chemicals in the process.

The sweeping system eliminates the need to pre sweep, preventing blockages in the water recovery system & dramatically increases productivity & maintenance costs.

Increased brush pressure combined with the correct brushes & the Zero3 on board aqueous ozone generator, removed the FLT tyre marks in a single pass, giving a superior results without using harmful chemical.

No chemicals were used in the TOMCAT EX  while cleaning this floor, reducing costs long term & reducing the impact on the environment.

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