Support staff in UK education shouldn’t be skimping on cleaning

As Big Ben rang out across London on December 31st to signal the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, you may have felt a renewed sense of optimism, or you may perhaps still have felt bogged down in the trials and tribulations of last year.

2020 was a strange year. Support staff in Britain’s schools and colleges had a particularly quiet time of it initially, as their institutions witnessed significantly reduced footfall, only to then be opened and closed again in short order.

COVID-19 has affected every sphere of national life, and press coverage of the impact of the disease on young people has been a topic of hot debate. We’ve all shared stories of the various technical issues with live lessons and struggled with the balance between working from home and learning from home.

If you’re responsible for cleaning and maintenance, this disjointed time may have made it difficult to keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance schedules, or you may have been delaying any cleaning operations until you know when the hallways will be bustling again, and now with schools now set to open to all students again on 8th March, there’s no better time to make sure you’re prepared.

Here are three reasons to make sure your buildings are spic and span when schools reopen… with particular attention to floors.

  1. Deserted doesn’t mean sterile

As anyone who’s walked the semi-deserted corridors of a school will tell you, dirt doesn’t stop accumulating just because no-one’s around. Dust and debris may have built up around former high-traffic areas after months of low use. This is no time to abandon an established cleaning routine.

  1. Down time is deep cleaning time

Indeed, with less foot traffic, now is opportunity to extend your reach before normal service resumes. In a normal year, a multi-day, multi-process operation might be problematic, even if scheduled during regular holiday periods. Now it’s easy enough to co-ordinate. You have a blank canvas!

  1. You can join the fight

As we’re speaking of multi-process cleaning operations… medical opinion has concluded that COVID-19 can remain active on floors and other infected surfaces for extended periods of time, making this a great time to institute your very own clean-and-sanitize regime. The sanitizers we specify for our TomCat Scrubber Dryers and Elan-San 25 disinfectant trolleys will counter a wide variety of viruses and bacteria including coronavirus… and they’re at their most effective when the active chemicals can be left undisturbed after completion of the process. Now is the time to get this done before you have kids running up and down hallways!

Our previous post here provides an excellent primer on Elan’s recommended clean-and-sanitize process. Up and at ’em! Contact us now at to book a demonstration and get your school ready for March 8th!


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