Brand : TomCat

Model : XR 40 Cylinder 

Ride-On Scrubber Sweeper for Hire

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TYPE : Ride-On

DECK : Twin Disc

SIZE: Large 


The TomCat XR 40D scrubber dryer scrubs & dries floors in a single pass  Powerful motors & electronic brush pressure give the XR the ability to clean floors in the harshest of environments. Ideal for concrete & painted floors in large factories, car parks & warehouses the XR can also be used on external floors.         

Simple to use & operator friendly,  with intuitive easily visible controls.

Simple to use, ideal for:

  • Car Park Floor Cleaning
  • Factory Floor Cleaning
  • Warehouse Floor Cleaning
  • Cleaning Concrete Floors
  • Cleaning Painted Floors
  • Cleaning External Floors
  • Cleaning Factory Floors
  • Cleaning Warehouse Floors
Power 36v Battery
Scrub Deck Twin Cylinder, 96cm
Scrub Width 101cm
Max Run Time 4.5 Hours
Maximum Productivity 4,607 sq/m per hour
Solution Tank 246ltrs
Recovery Tank 295ltrs
Weight 896kg

TomCat XR 40C 

Please call 0800 313 4336 to speak with a member of the hire team or fill out the contact form to receive an email quotation for the hire of a TomCat XR 40C Scrubber Sweeper.

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