Eureka Rider Lift

Discover the Eureka Rider Lift ride-on sweeper, the ultimate solution for effortlessly maintaining large industrial and commercial spaces. With its innovative technology and high dump system, this compact sweeper ensures efficient and cost-effective cleaning, while its ergonomic controls and easy maintenance make it a breeze to operate.

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With a maximum sweeping path of 1.200 mm with 2 optional side brushes, combined with the operational speed delivers a large cleaning capacity of up to 10.140 m2/h.

The compact  LIFT ride-on sweeper, with a turning radius 1,000 mm makes it particularly suitable for sweeping in narrow confined areas not accessible by larger machines. The LIFT has large filter area (4 m2) which enables sweeping in the dustiest of environments & can cover a full shift on a single charge. The Rider LIFT sweeps the floor more accurately and efficiently, controlling the dust that would be lifted by manual sweeping.

Total visibility and easy entry/exit from both sides allow the operator effortless access to narrow spaces. The tough metal structure, combined with the epoxy-painted chassis, means additional protection against bumps, collisions, and better defences against scratches or rust.


Ergonomic Controls

Controls are simple and ergonomically located for easy operation, a single pedal controls the forward and reverse drive. Levers lower & raise the main and side brushes are located on the dashboard, as well as the electric filter-shaker control & vacuum cut off device which is used when sweeping in wet conditions.

Large Debris Flap

The debris flap runs the width of the sweeper, this can be lifted by the operator with a foot pedal whilst driving to allow larger debris to be collected.


Side Brooms 

The retractable anti-shock side brushes allow maximum cleaning efficiency on rough or uneven floors & edges, mounted on shock absorbers for a longer life. 

Easy Maintenance

All internal components can be inspected and easily maintained. Brush replacement can be carried out easily without the use of auxiliary tools.

Quick Change Brooms

The floating, self-levelling main brush can be quickly adjusted or replaced without need of tools. The MultiBristle main brush, which has a width of 70 cm, includes a fine bristle section for fine dust, and a heavy bristle section for larger debris.


High Dump

Allows the waste container to be unloaded in an automated manner, up to a maximum height of 1,450 mm. Maximises the efficiency of the machine and protects the safety of the operator.

Filter System

The filter system consists of a Multipocket® polyester bag filter and an electric filter shaker. It retains even the finest dust, is antistatic, washable, anti-clogging and has a much longer life than conventional filters.

Battery Powered  

The battery operated version ensures a superior running time, for extra productivity. Maintenance access is convenient, the top lifts up to expose the engine, battery compartment, motors and other service areas.

1201 Steel Line

Heavy duty option for more industrial applications. 

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