Eureka Xtreme Sweeper

The Eureka features efficient hydraulically driven traction, lifting debris container, brushes and vacuum fan, which together enable it to sweep all surfaces rapidly and efficiently.

The Xtrema is a compact manoeuvrable ride-on sweeper with a small turning circle (1.600 mm)   suitable for sweeping in narrow or confined areas, ideal for both industrial and commercial environments. A 100% hydraulic sweeper able to climb up to 20% gradients, the diesel model has powerful Kubota twin cylinder, liquid cooled engine for high quality performance, and longer lasting life.

The Xtrema has a 3 section integrated bristle brush designed exclusive to Eureka which adapts to the floor surface for better results.  The main brush floats for better performance, automatically adjusting itself to the floor conditions.

Xtrema Brochure

Hydraulic Hopper

The large 150ltr hydraulic hopper is located at the rear of the machine, which can be raised up to 1.360 mm from the floor, for easy emptying.

Polyester Bag Filter

The polyester bag filter is particularly efficient for the retention of fine dust & has a longer lasting life than other traditional paper filters. The shaker enables extreme cleaning of the filter without the need for removal.


Easy Maintenance 

The main brush can be easily replaced without tools, dust filter can be replaced in a few seconds & all parts, motors, engines etc. are easily accessible for servicing.

Hydraulic Traction

Powerful hydraulic drive system, variable speed of up to 9 Km/h, controlled by two pedals (forward & reverse).

Brush Pressure

The brush pressure can be adjusted by the operator while working via a precise control positioned on the dashboard.

Simple Controls

Simple intuitive controls for fast efficient dust free sweeping.

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