Eureka E50 Scrubber Dryer

The E50 is a professional walk-behind scrubber-dryer for small to medium areas, available with traction or brush-assist versions for fast affordable floor cleaning.

Available to purchase, lease or contract hire.

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Start & Go

1, Turn on the ignition

2, Press the buttons for the vacuum & brush

3, Squeeze the traction bar to go

Easy Operation

The unique drain valve controls flow of water with an efficient anti-drip device makes discharging the dirty solution easier. Solution and recovery tanks are simple to clean and fitted with removable filters.

Dose-Matic (Optional)

Control in real time the chemical concentration of the solution delivered to the floor.  The view of the detergent container enables the operator to monitor consumption & replace quickly without exposure to the detergent.

Storage Compartment

The lid of the scrubber dryer has a convenient functional storage compartment 

Parabolic Squeegee

The powerful vacuum motor (1250mm water lift ) combined with the solid steel parabolic squeegee
leaves floors dry & ready to walk on even in tight turns.


Anti Foam Device

 The E50/55 has an efficient anti foam system to protect the vacuum motor.

Electronic Free 

The E50/55 is electronic free for a simple operation & reduced maintenance 

Tool Free 

Tool free access to the batteries for simple maintenance & with an on-board charger  

The E50/55 models have a cleaning width of 50cm or 55cm , they are available with a 24v battery system or 240v mains power cord, the traction can be brush assisted or fully automatic on the battery versions (TRAC).

High capacity tanks (solution: 40 L; recovery: 50 L) maximize productivity and scrub time, and battery charging is fast, safe and simple with the on-board charger. The E50/55 models are specifically designed to be easy to use & maintain, giving businesses with limited budgets the efficiency and reliability of a Eureka floor cleaning machine

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