TomCat Hero Disc 

Large Scrubber Dryer 

Type: Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer
Size: Large
Deck: Twin Disc

See the difference a TomCat Scrubber Dryer can make to you floor with a free no obligation demonstration.

Available with Aqueous Ozone
for cleaning chemical free.

Reduce your carbon footprint
& lower the cost of purchasing


Large highly productive scrubber dryer with twin disc brushes for effective floor cleaning & preparation in large areas.

Large heavy duty pedestrian scrubber dryer

Simple to use, ideal for:

  • Stripping Floor Seal
  • Cleaning & Polishing Marble Floors
  • Cleaning & Diamond Polishing Terrazzo Floors
  • Cleaning & Removing Scratches Epoxy Floors
  • Cleaning Concrete Floors
  • Cleaning Vinyl Floors
  • Cleaning Altro Flooring
  • Cleaning Painted Epoxy Floors

Highly productive large capacity pedestrian scrubber for cleaning big floor areas fast. The TomCat HERO scrubber dryer has heavy duty motors & brush pressure, ideal for diamond polishing natural stone floors, concrete & terrazzo.


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