industrial floor cleaning equipment

Industrial Floor Sweepers

Industrial floor cleaning equipment built in the US to the highest standards, maintained in the UK by our fully trained technicians.

Warehousing & Distribution

Dramatically reduce the dust levels in your warehouse or distribution depot with a battery powered sweeper or scrubber dryer.

The warehouse floor sweepers stocked by Scrubber Drier Hire possess a fast spinning main broom that will pack larger debris in a hopper while the vacuum system will draw the finer dust particles into the cloth filter. This can then be kept clean with the on-board filter shaker. Our walk-behind & ride-on sweepers both have side brooms for efficient edge sweeping.

If its dust removal & cleaning you are looking for, our scrubber dryers will remove dirt, grime & most FLT marks usually in a single pass. This is especially useful if you’re in need of clearing a large area of flooring in a short space of time, as this efficient machine allows for minimal disruption to working life in a warehouse.

Cleaning chemicals can be used to help remove the dirt & enhance the look of your floor, giving it a new, polished look, whilst also removing any potential hazards with dust etc.


Garages & Automotive Industries

FactoryCat industrial floor cleaning equipment is ideal for the automotive trade, with powerful brush motors & 250lbs of brush pressure to clean the dirtiest garage floors. Cleaning chemicals can be applied through the machine to help breakdown the grease & grime that builds up on workshop floors. The squeegee at the rear of the machine collects the dirty water from the rear of the scrubber dryer, leaving the floor clean, dry & ready for use.

Our industrial floor sweepers can be fitted with a range of tooling to suit the floor surface, scrubbing brushes in a range of grades for concrete rough or tiled floors as well as floor pads for epoxy painted or polished floors.

Aircraft Hangars & Airports

Reduce the risk of FOD (foreign object debris) in aircraft hangars with a FactoryCat sweeper or scrubber drier.

These large floor areas need to be kept clean & debris free for obvious safety reasons, preventing any accidents on the floor. Scrubber Drier Hire’s sweepers offer a fast, safe and efficient way of  reducing FOD within the hangar. Using a scrubber dryer to clean the floor will remove any grease, oil or unsightly FLT tyre marks. They can also be used to pick up any water, leaving the floor dry & safe.


Our industrial floor sweepers are built tough for manufacturing applications, with solid steel chassis, industrial motors and stainless-steel fasteners. Heavy industrial plants & factories are notoriously hard to clean with oil, grease, dust & larger debris building up on the floors. Our scrubber dryers & sweepers can be used to maintain a cleaner safer environment, sweepers removing the dust & debris, while scrubbers will remove the build-up on the floor leaving it clean & dry.





Sports Arenas & Stadiums

Sports arenas have a limited widow of opportunity when it comes to floor cleaning, large areas have to be cleaned fast and efficiently before the next event comes along. The power to clean or sweep in a single pass is very important in this environment, so using reliable & truly industrial floor cleaning equipment with the power to get the task done is essential. Our powerful range of floor sweepers ensures that this is the case, and that your floor is ready for its next event in no time.


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