TomCat Carbon Cylinder

Mid-size Scrubber Sweeper 

Type: Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer
Size: Medium
Deck: Cylinder Brush

See the difference a TomCat Scrubber Dryer can make to you floor with a free no obligation demonstration.

Available with Aqueous Ozone
for cleaning chemical free.

Reduce your carbon footprint
& lower the cost of purchasing


Scrubs, Sweeps & Dries floors in a single pass removing heavy soiling, dust & debris. Leaves floors clean, dry, safe & ready to use.

Tomcats Carbon is a mid sized powerful scrubber drier with extended run times, the cylindrical version is able to sweep & scrub in a single pass, saving the need to pre-sweep.

Simple to use, ideal for:

  •  Concrete floors
  •  Non-slip flooring
  •  Rough, profiled or uneven floors
  •  Areas with small amounts of debris
  •  Warehouses & distribution
  • Food & beverage
  •  Aircraft hangars FOD
  •  Manufacturing & industry

Available with Zero3 Chemical Free for complete chemical free floor cleaning

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