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TomCat Sport Disc

Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer with Disc Head

SIZE : Small – Medium

TYPE : Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

DECK : Single & Twin Disc

Compact powerful scrubber drier available in single or twin disc

Simple to use, ideal for:

  • Stripping Floor Seal
  • Cleaning & Polishing Marble Floors
  • Cleaning & Diamond Polishing Terrazzo Floors
  • Cleaning & Removing Scratches Epoxy Floors
  • Cleaning Concrete Floors
  • Cleaning Vinyl Floors
  • Cleaning Altro Flooring
  • Cleaning Painted Epoxy Floors

Simple in design and robust in construction Tomcat’s SPORT scrubber dryer packs a punch when cleaning dirty floors. Heavy duty scrub motors combined with 57kg of controllable brush pressure, give outstanding results on a large range of hard floors. The powerful water pick up system then leaves the floor clean, dry and safe to walk on.

The SPORT is light to use & easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces, the simple intuitive controls give the operator the confidence to get the job  done.

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